Title I HOPE

Teen with backpack.

Title I HOPE: Homeless Outreach Program For Education is a division of the Clark County School District.

The program works to identify and enroll homeless students. They educate school personnel on homeless parental rights and inform parents of the educational options available to their children. Title I HOPE also works with schools to help provide basic services such as back packs, school supplies, clothing and toiletries to these children in need.

How It Works

Title I HOPE has a homeless advocate in each school to help identify student’s needs. Students receive clothing & toiletries provided by I HOPE and whatever generous donations they receive from the community. At the beginning of the school year each student in the program is given a back pack filled with the bare necessities and some school supplies. There is never enough to go around.

A Place Called Hope resource centers have been set up on the campuses of select high schools throughout the valley. These resource centers are open after school and managed by high school teachers. Students are able to receive basic clothing, weekend food for K-8 grades, backpacks, school supplies clothing and toiletries. Each facility provides a safe environment in which students can do homework, participate in life skill trainings, and receive one-on-one tutoring. These resourses need to be replenished on a ongoing basis throughout the school year.