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KidsAwakenings supports the youth of Clark County all year round with clothes, food, school supplies, personal care products and gift cards. There are many ways to help through collaboration, donations or by volunteering your time. Find out how you can help now.

Awakenings Helps Homeless Youth in the Clark County School District

In 2011-2012 The Clark County School District’s I HOPE estimated there were over 6,000 students who were homeless and in dire need of services such as food, clothing, toiletries and school supplies.

Many students live in small tract houses shared by multiple families. Heat, electricity and running water are often absent.  Other students are living on couches with relatives, motels and RV Parks. Some live in shelters, family cars and in the streets.

The CCSD estimates, and social services agencies agree, that there are thousands of additional students in the country who meet the definition of homelessness but have not yet been identified particularly in the upper grades. Sadly, there is a lot of shame associated with homelessness!

The most under-served group of these kids continues to be our high school students. Older students remain an under-identified homeless population.

There are 357 Schools in CCSD 220 which are Title 1 schools. Title 1 refers to schools that are entitled to federal funds because of the poverty levels.

The biggest needs for each school year are gift cards from places like Old Navy, Target, Walmart, etc. which can be used for food, medications, clothing and toiletries. Other useful items include clothing like underwear, shoes, socks, jeans, jackets etc. Even fast food certificates for the high school students can make a huge difference.

Awakenings is a nonprofit 501(c)3 dedicated to helping homeless youth in the Clark County School District with the necessities they need to stay in school and complete their education. We are always searching for community partners to help fulfill their ever burgeoning needs. Please contact us if your company would like to become a community partner.

You can make a difference in the community. Please Donate or Volunteer. Thanks!